Jim Stack on Barron’s Advisor – The Way Forward Podcast – April 2022

Jim Stack Warns About the Fed, Tech Stocks, and Real Estate

Our CEO and Founder, Jim Stack, was recently interviewed by Barron’s and is featured on Barron’s Advisor – The Way Forward podcast.  The Way Forward provides insights from an elite group of top advisors and industry standouts on managing wealth, leading through crisis, and planning for the future.

We invite you to listen as they discuss SFM’s current market outlook, including the Fed being behind the curve, “the great normalization” facing equity valuations, and how the housing market could be the Achilles heel of the U.S. economy and stock market.  Their conversation traverses both risks and opportunities in the current environment, the importance of risk management, and offers Jim’s words of wisdom for investors today.

Stack Financial Management
Stack Financial Management
Jim Stack on the Barron's Advisor - The Way Forward Podcast - April 2022

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