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Stack Financial Management
2472 Birch Glen, Suite A
Whitefish, MT 59937
Toll Free: 800-790-5001
Fax: 800-798-6889
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Our Mission

The mission of Stack Financial Management is to provide "safety-first" investment management for the equity portion of a clients' portfolio with unmatched customer service. We aspire to achieve returns that meet or exceed long-term averages while reducing risk and volatility. Specifically, we strive to contain downside risk to less than half of bear market losses while still capturing the majority of the upside in bull markets.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide customers increased peace of mind knowing their assets are managed in a value-conscious manner using time-tested proprietary technical indicators. Our caring team of professionals is committed to achieving the highest standard of honesty, integrity, trust and excellence in everything we do.

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Investments reside at an independent custodial institution. The client maintains free and clear ownership of portfolio assets at all times.