Trail Maintenance Day

Whitefish Trail's Adopt-A-Trail Program

Last week, Stack Financial Management and InvesTech Research employees took part in a trail maintenance day on the Whitefish Trails System.  The team adopted the Swift Creek and Smith Lake Trails as part of the Whitefish Trail’s Adopt-A-Trail program in 2022.

The Whitefish Trail is the anchor project of Whitefish Legacy Partners and is the result of community collaboration to preserve clean water, public access, recreation, and wildlife.  To date, Whitefish Legacy Partners, along with the City of Whitefish, has built 47 miles of multi-use trail and 15 trailheads readily accessible from the town of Whitefish.  In addition, 6,100 acres of vulnerable lands have been permanently protected, ensuring public access to public lands. 

SFM is proud to support Whitefish Legacy Partner’s efforts to ensure conservation, recreation, and education on the lands around Whitefish for future generations. 

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Photos of the Trail Crew